Chicken Alfredo Recipe!

So today we are going to share one of our absolute favorite meals with you guys! We absolutely love anything to do with pasta, so this, we would have to say is one of our FAVORITES.

It’s one of those recipes that we made so much and so often we ended up hating it for a time. Thankfully we are finally past this point and we can now enjoy it again! We found this recipe in 2014, we were searching for a very filling, long lasting recipe that we could make a lot and was very affordable.

You know how it is, you get kind of tired of the same old recipes and you need something new. So this is what we decided upon. A very delicious, creamy, and fun recipe!

Once we had gathered up all of our ingredients at the store we delegated cooking jobs out. (Okay Madeline did the delegating because she’s bossy.) Derek was on chicken duty and Madeline took care of the sauce. It was fun to cook together in the tiny little apartment we had. It was an extremely cramped little studio apartment that we lived in for about a year. We had this entirely too small little kitchen and only a stove top. We didn’t have an oven! So we were bumping around each other trying to cook and get ingredients. When we started cooking this recipe it was cold outside so we were all huddled up together in that little apartment trying to make this recipe to warm our bellies.

One thing we love about this recipe is that it sticks to your bones. So in the winter months if you are looking for something that will keep you filled up and toasty inside, this is definitely it!

Now to make this recipe you need the following ingredients.


One 16 Oz carton of Heavy Whipping Cream (No you do not need to buy a very expensive cream at all, we actually prefer the way the cheaper brand cooks. We used the Walmart brand of cream and it works wonderfully.)


2 cups of Parmesan Cheese (Sometimes instead of the 2 cups we do one cup of parmesan and 1 cup of a mixture of mozzarella and other Italian cheeses.)

2 tablespoons of freshly cut parsley (This is an optional ingredient but it adds a lot of flavor.)

1-2 tablespoons of minced garlic (2 tablespoons if you like a lot of garlic like us!)

One box of rotini noodles

And 2 chicken breasts or 5-6 chicken tenderloins

(For seasoning the chicken you will need more minced garlic, we did not include it into the amount above)

We usually like to start out by making our noodles. To make those just follow the directions on the back of the box.

With the chicken we had to use tenderloins in our old apartment because we didn’t have an oven so we would cook the tenderloins in a pan. To season them we would use minced garlic and roasted garlic seasoning. Rub the garlic and seasoning onto the chicken and put some butter in the pan and cook them over medium heat until the chicken is finished. Flip them about every one minute and make sure you don’t let the pan get too hot or you will overcook and dry out your chicken.

Now if you have an oven and want to cook the breasts, season them the same way as you would the tenderloins, and oven bake them until complete.

The sauce is a little more tricky because you need to keep the temperature from getting too hot or being too cool.

Pour your carton of whipping cream into a pot and put it on medium heat. While waiting for it to heat up add your parsley and garlic to the mixture and whisk it all up together. Once it has warmed now you need to add your cheese. Add a few pinches of it at a time and whisk each bit until it melts. If you add too much cheese at once and don’t give it time to melt it clumps up, so be careful about that. (We learned this the hard way.) While making the sauce be sure to you  are stirring It nearly constantly. Especially towards the end. You will want to turn down the heat the longer you cook it or it can get a little too warm and start bubbling. The sauce should have a thick creamy texture to it. Once it is finished and all the cheese is melted in it, add it directly to your noodles.

Once you give the chicken about 10 minutes to sit after it has finished cooking go ahead and slice that up into thin strips and add it to the top.

When you go to serve the alfredo it tastes really lovely If you sprinkle a little cheese on top. To compliment it we like to have garlic bread with this recipe. We also love to make a little date night out of it and we add some sparkling cider as well. It’s a fun date night meal! We have certainly made a lot of date nights with this one!


It’s a pretty simple recipe once you get the hang of it. And It certainly tastes amazing! Like we said before, it is one of our favorites! Plus, it has a lot of lovely memories behind it. Mainly just being young and having fun together are our best memories. And of course all the little date nights we had In that little apartment. Happiness and adventure is in the small things, that’s always a good thing to remember. 🙂

Thank you guys for reading! If you have any questions about the recipe just let us know and enjoy!

Well, until next time!

–thecosmicpineappleblog (aka Madeline and Derek, aka batman and lola, aka two dorky pineapples and a blog, aka the infinite adventurers)

Last Weekend’s Shopping Haul!

Not sure if you guys remember from our last post or not but, WE LOVE GOODWILL. We love all things vintage and all things cheap! And at goodwill we always find some really awesome things, that are not only vintage but generally cheap! SO. Today we are going to show you guys the mini shopping haul that we had!

Sunday afternoon was crispy, sunny, and warm. As in, the perfect treasure hunting day! To us going thrift shopping is probably in our top five of favorite adventures! So off we were, we put our hawk eyes in and our minds went to work looking for adorable new things to get for our little apartment!

As you can imagine our constant thrift shopping has definitely filled our house to the brim! But hey, if there’s a will there is always a way, to find a place, when there really isn’t a place. Our kitchen has especially received too much attention and is overflowing with different things! I’m sure you guys know that apartments aren’t always known especially for their spacious kitchens, and ours in no exception! But we wouldn’t trade that kitchen for the world! Not only has it provided us a fun place to decorate but it has also been a wonderful provider of food and baked treats! And if we don’t have our food and treats we are very grumpy people!

So of course we bought some items for our kitchen, even though it is full! Imagine that. We are so good at making responsible life decisions.

One of the items we bought at goodwill for our kitchen was actually a pineapple shaped pot holder! We absolutely love it because number 1- it’s a pineapple. Number 2-we love pineapples. Number 3-it is vintage. Number 4-Once again—it’s a pineapple!

IMG_0342 IMG_0343 IMG_0344

The copyright on this awesome pot holder is 1976! And it is B-E-A-UTIFUL. We love the gold color and fun design. And can you just imagine the history of this little guy and how through all of that he ended up in our hands? (Yes, our pot holder just developed a gender.) We scored this little guy for a pretty good price of $1.99.

This was only the beginning of our little goodwill adventure. We were just settling into the whole thing. The next item we found for our kitchen was an adorable little bread tile. We had never heard of anything like it until we saw this at goodwill. You heat it up in the oven and then place it in a basket with your bread to keep it warm. We love, bread, especially warm bread, so this was a good find! Plus it’s pretty cute looking in our kitchen so, we needed it. We did not say want, we need. Bad. This jewel was only .59 cents. We couldn’t beat the price so we got it!

IMG_0359 IMG_0360

The next thing that we bought for our kitchen was an adorable vase! It fits perfectly into our Mexico/desert theme we have going in our kitchen. We are so happy about this purchase as well. Not going to lie, he and our pineapple were probably our absolute favorite finds over the weekend! However, we have to slow it down a little on the kitchen decorations. (Like that will ever happen!) Anyway, check this little guy out, we got him for $2.99!


Our final find at goodwill is something we definitely do not need more of. We found a set of four vintage cups. They are country blue speckled mugs. And they are soooo cute. They reminded us of the metal version of these mugs that you take camping! The brand of the cup is Mikasa Ultrastone and they are made in Japan. We really love Japan glassware. When we saw these cups we knew we just couldn’t live without them. They just called our names from that metal shelf amongst the rest of the items. Waiting for us to take them home! These cute cups were only .59 cents each. Take a look at them in the pictures below! We only took a picture of the 3 but we do have four.

IMG_0351 IMG_0357

We hope that you guys enjoyed coming on this little adventure with us! It certainly was a fun one to share! Goodwill has consumed our lives (whoops)! Anyway guys until next time!

–thecosmicpineappleblog (aka Madeline and Derek, aka batman and lola, aka two dorky pineapple and a blog, aka the infinite adventurers)

Happy Coffee day!


To celebrate coffee day we thought we would share a delicious coffee treat that we made awhile back.

We recently decided we needed a nice tea set and tray that we could bring to the bedroom for coffee and muffins in the morning. (Blueberry muffins, OF COURSE. You know, the ones with the little crumbles on top.) Well with this sudden upper class action we certainly couldn’t settle for plain ol’ coffee! Why no, that would be ever so offensive to our cause. Our cause in life is of course to achieve a level of fanciness so fancy that we redefine the level of fancy that suits ya’ fancy.

So yeah, fanciness.

We began our set with a bright red vintage teapot made in Japan. We received this teapot from the beautiful Paula (aka Charlie, aka mother to Madeline, aka mother in law to Derek, aka Paula of the bone origin.)  Now the way we received this teapot from her is through a deal. An old fashioned standoff from the old west kind of deal. We presented her with a meat grinder. And she presented us with two things, a cactus vase (in which Derek needed or he would die, we are not kidding. HE WOULD HAVE LITERALLY DIED) and the beautiful bright red vintage (EEP!! Vintage is always a plus) teapot made in Japan. There we all stood, out in the middle of the street with the sun baking the pavement. A few feet from one another, clutching the items closely to our bodies. Sweat and hesitation blew in the stale mid summer breeze. Treating the items as if they were hostages we worked out the details. Baby steps. A few painstakingly long moments of sweating brows, trembling chins, and jerky movements later the trade was made. Our separate ways we went, running like robbers in the night with our treasures. Except it wasn’t the night, or the old west, and there were angry drivers because well, we were in the middle of the road, and I mean of course we had to say goodbyes and trade kisses. But hey, at least we thought we were cool.

So anyway, we had our teapot and this fancy teapot couldn’t sit alone to gather dust on an empty tray by no means, we needed more. So the search began! Off to goodwill (the beautiful home to all things vintage (EEP!!)  and cheap (EEP EEP!) we were! Being fortunate in our searches we found a set of grey coffee plates and some (although not made for the set but still adorable) little cups. Somehow the teapot, cups and plates seemed to look absolutely splendid (and fancy) standing next to each other. BUT we were still missing a sugar  and creamer set, some adorable cloth napkins, a tray and coffee spoons. Although a few trips later and we were SET, with a set, to have a good set-up of coffee. And muffins. Blueberry muffins. Yum.

(The Creamer and sugar, and adorable little spoons are not pictured below)


So as with all new things we had to make something fantastic and what came of this fantastic-ness was of course the delicious coffee treat below.

Marshmint Chocolate and French Vanilla Marshmallow Sundae Coffee


Our coffees were basically the same except for the creamers we used.

The coffee we used was the eight o’ clock brand for the Keurig.

Next we added in our creamers. Derek used the Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie creamer (extremely flavorful and absolutely to die for, according to Derek) and the French Vanilla creamer for Madeline!

On top of our coffees we put a layer of mini marshmallows and added a swirl of whip cream. As a final layer we grated some milk chocolate to sprinkle on top, adding to the overall aesthetic, as well as a chunk of Hershey’s milk chocolate to melt into the coffee for flavor.

Yes we had whip cream and marshmallow mustaches afterwards, but it wasn’t like we cared because we were too caught up in just how delicious our treat was!

We hope you can  take away some ideas for a great treat on this awesome coffee day!

As a celebration for coffee day we ended up stopping at Starbucks for a quick somethin’ somethin’. Derek ended up getting something he hasn’t had in about five years, a pumpkin spice latte’. Let’s just say he wishes that five years would’ve stretched into forever, because well, it wasn’t at all what he remembered, And Madeline decided upon a Salted caramel Latte’! Although not entirely satisfied with our Starbuck’s visit, we still had a good coffee day!

Until next time,

thecosmicpineappleblog (aka Madeline and Derek, aka the infinite adventurers, aka batman and lola, aka two dorky pineapples and a blog)

Cheese and Crackers

We’ve always been big fans of food, and one of our biggest obsessions right now is CHEESE!


What got us started on this kick is the cheese section at the grocery store. You know how it is, you walk by something and have the double take, the mouth watering desire for something you don’t need. The conversation that ensues next is “oh we will just take a look”. “Maybe we will buy just one cheese”. Well $25 later and a basket full of cheese and crackers we were home pretending we were the fanciest people you’ve ever met. Yes, we believed for a moment we were the top of the food chain. Delicious, luxurious cheese and dollar store sparkling apple cider to compliment it with. Our fabulousness was short lived though until we decided we needed a cheese board set.

One quick trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond though and we were set. We had it all, the grapes, the cider, the cheeses, the fancy cheese cutting set and some different flavors of crackers to compliment it.

The types of cheese that we decided to buy were:

Applewood Smoked Cheddar (Yes we are drooling right now as we type this)

Applewood Smoked Gouda

Garlic and Basil

Then we decided to also try some of the snack cheeses by Babybel to see what they were like.

We tried the Sharp Cheddar, white cheddar, original and mozzarella cheeses.

The crackers we ended up buying were the tomato basil crackers by Wheathins and the roasted garlic crackers by triscuit. We decided at a later date to also try the garlic herb pita chip crackers by wheathins and we did not like those at all. They didn’t have a flavor that either of us liked and they especially did not compliment our cheeses.

Collectively our favorite cheese was without a doubt the Applewood smoked cheddar. It had a rich smoky flavor that wasn’t overwhelming. It complimented the cheddar so perfectly. We would probably live off this particular cheese if it wouldn’t be entirely too unhealthy.  And well, we wouldn’t die. Or need X-Lax. A lot of it.

Our next favorite definitely would be the Applewood smoked gouda if not at the same level as the Applewood smoked cheddar.  Although the smoky flavor didn’t come through as well as it did in the cheddar the flavor of the gouda was just to die for. These two cheeses absolutely complimented our crackers perfectly.

We did love the Garlic and Basil cheese but it would probably have to be our least favorite. The problem we had with it is that the cheese flavor was outweighed by the garlic and basil. We might as well have just been having garlic and basil thrown on top of a cracker. Still good, but not quite our favorite.

All in all we enjoyed all of the cheeses, the babybel cheeses are definitely perfect for a snack cheese, but not necessarily a luxury cheese.

Either way we have given ourselves something new and delicious to be obsessed with. PLUS a new chapter to put here in our blog of infinite adventures.

Well until the next time, these two cosmic pineapples have some other pineapples to cut. Talk soon!

-D & M (Aka Derek and Madeline, Aka Batman and Lola, Aka thecosmicpineappleblog.)

The Cosmic Pineapple Blog

Adventure starts within your heart and floats up to your mind. It starts deep within and blossoms out. So let’s find some adventure!

I think we get so caught up sometimes in life and all the trivial things that we forget that each day, each experience, and each moment is a brand new adventure.

We want to remember, every day, to live the adventures we are handed.

So here we are, two unique people cosmically in love and of course best friends ready to meet each day as if it were the adventure of a lifetime. We don’t  have to go anywhere special, or spend a lot of money to find an adventure. We just have to find it in the moment. We have to find the spark, the inspiration, and the passion to drive us, and remind us of the adventures waiting just inside our soul.

Our lives are short, but these years don’t have to be meaningless. Especially the years we have together.

So come on an adventure with us. It doesn’t have to be spectacular or flattering on the surface to be important and meaningful. So come on, take our hands, and together we’ll be explorers of adventure.